Tom Lawrence

Tom Lawrence


Tom’s achievements include; dislocating his shoulder while rollerblading, getting a handful of stitches from a pig bite and spending at least 30 minutes on the phone to his mum every day.

After completing a 4-year journalism degree in Sydney, Tom decided making drinks until 3am every night at a cocktail bar was a much worthier pursuit. But a year of “Sir please, you can’t do that here” took it out of him, so he picked up a camera and began working as a producer, director and videographer.

After placing first in the country at AWARD school, Tom moved to NYC to work as a copywriter at Droga5. There he has worked on clients such as Pier 1, Amazon, Prudential and The New York Times.

Tom also launched and runs Proudly Pokies Free, a youth focused anti-gambling campaign aimed at reducing the harm poker machines cause in Australia.